Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yaounde for Today

So today is our brief respite in between travelling. We went to Kribi, a coastal beach town, last weekend. The purpose, for those of you wondering, was not to swim. Rather, we went to meet with groups of pygmies (otherwise known as Baka or Bagyeli). We walked through the forest on the way to one pygmy camp. And when I say forest, I mean a lush, tropical rain forest. Here is a picture of my friend Charlotte walking through the forest:

Here is a picture of me standing in the forest:

And here is a picture of the canopy of the forest because it's beautiful: 

Also, just so that you know what the Kribi beach looks like, and perhaps to increase your jealousy, here is a picture of the beach:

Tomorrow, we will be taking the night train (a new and exciting experience for me!) to Ngaoundéré, a city in the Adamaoua province (north of my current location). We will be studying Islam and a little bit of Fulfide (a language) there! I also hear that they have beautiful fabric there, so there will probably be pictures of that coming up soon! Be prepared!

Until next time, internet friends,

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